Posted on: August 14, 2012 2:55 pm

Tar Heels Tarred?

Well, the NCAA has another chance to play it's hypocritical games- this time though with one of the more "respected" public universities in the country- UNC Chapel Hill.

It appears that the school has been making up fake classes for a decade so that the hoops and fb athletes can get passing grades without the work.

Man, all sorts of humorous and/or sad ways to go with this.

1. Gee, did Vince Carter take any of these classes when he graduated in the early 2000's?!

2. How many wins will the NCAA take away from the Tar Heels? Gee, if this keeps up. nobody will have any wins. For example, Miami-UNC and UNC- Florida St. I guess those games weren't even played. It's like it was a scoreless tie!

3. What's worse? Having a convicted felon being your sole source of testimony that a player got a free house for his mom or there has been a decade long system of academic fraud going on in a university? We already know that paying players is worse in the NCAA's eyes than covering up pedophilia for a decade; so maybe I shouldn't go there.

4. The NCAA can once again re-affirm how great Duke by bashing the Heels. After all, Duke remains unrepentent and unpunished after the lacrosse scandal.

5. I'm hoping the NCAA will not strip UNC of anything. I'm sure they will though. Yea, like the fans aren't going to remember those wins b/c they are stricken from the record. NOTHING satisfies like the on-field triumph. That can't be undone. It's sort of like the Belarus woman who was stripped of her gold medal. The Chinese woman who got bronze and the NZ woman who won gold then never got the adulation of the crowd and hearing the anthem played. Get over these punishments. They're stupid and silly.

6. No, fine the #!0?&!! out of UNC. Make PSU $60-70 mil fine seems like chump change. That will get UNC's attention.

And then finally, we can have the schools properly rebel against the NCAA and leave their hypocritical dictatorship.

That would be great for everybody. 
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