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Posted on: November 17, 2011 4:14 pm

Thanks for nothing, Bud Lite....

So, the (dis)Astros will be moving to the AL in 2013 as Bud Lite blackmailed outgoing owner Drayton McLane to the tune of $30 mil for him to sell the franchise. The price was cut by $65 million to $615, but MLB will only make up $35 mil of the difference.

Having grown up in Houston and HAVING FOLLOWED THE FRANCHISE SINCE THEY CAME INTO THE LEAGUE and HAVING GONE TO GAMES AT COLT STADIUM, I have to express my feelings to Bud.

**** you

Now the Astros and their fans have even more travel than what they had before with 3 of the rivals in the Pacific Time Zone. Nothing like staying up late trying to watch the worst team in BB before you go to work the next day.

Oh, the Astros, who have the worst farm system in MLB, thanks to Ed Wade, now have to come up with another hitter for the DH.

Arizona or Colorado made more sense. They haven't been in NL as long and they are closer to their division rivals. At least then the Astros could have gone to the NLW, which is where they were from 1969-1993.

Nope, this is a straight extortion play by Bud. Oh, Bud, why not the Brewers moving over, back into the AL where they originally were? Nothing like eliminating a lot of divisional rivalries going back over 50 years for the sake of a buck.

I no longer live in Houston; but this is not the club I grew up with. I may no longer support them.

Bud, I will rejoice when your Reign of Terror ends over MLB.

Makes me wish it was 1994 again.
Posted on: July 30, 2011 4:12 am

Ark's Spots

A four quick items here.

First, thanks to the couple of people who have favorited me. I appreciate the shoutout.

Second, what the **** is disAstro GM Ed Wade doing? Was he hired to continually supply the Phillies (his ex-employer) with talent? Ironically, he's getting fleeced by the guy the disAstros should have hired, Ruben Amaro. On top of that, the disAstros are eating parts of these contracts- including RFA Hunter Pence (for two more f-n years!). If the idea is to rebuild the club, how about moving Carlos Lee, who's contract is bigger than his "conditional weight performance" clause! Up next: Bourne- who was one of the "prospects" Wade got the first he dealt with Philly! Houston we have a problem. It's called, "We can't hire a good GM since Hunsicker split!"

Third, I see that many Buckeye fans are quite sensitive to the piling on of the program and Tressel. (A friendly shoutout to elloyd1681 BTW). Look, you guys should have your heads high. Tressel did what was asked of him- Beat Michigan (like a drum), win the Big Ten (like a metronome), go to BCS bowls (like clockwork), and hey, even winning a NC. Regardless of what happens to the program (even the Death Penalty- a virtual impossibility), it's a good trade. You didn't have to give back any of the money. You did not get hit with "lack of institutional control". Do you think the fans or the players view the Sugar Bowl win or the Michigan win last year as anything but wins? Your team will not get immediate free agency (unlike USC).

Just don't tell me that they are being appropriately punished. The admin knew what they were getting with the Vest (who is one of the best college coaches in the last 50 yrs), when they hired him. It starts with QB Isaacs at Youngstown St. A violation a DI-AA school (DI-AA!) confessed to and got punished for. It continues when the Buckeyes reported more violations than any other DI-A program since 2001 to the Columbus newspaper (roughly half of the DI-A schools responded). When Gene Smith- who will not even lose his job- says "Tressel is safe" from the outset, that's all I need to know that lack of institutional control is present. Look, you paid your money, you got your results. It's worth it. Be happy. Just don't tell me the program is any cleaner than any of the SEC programs, USC, and the like. 

Fourth, Zach Parise signs a one year 6 per deal with the Devils. This is about the worst case scenario I can see for the franchise. The guy is UFA next season now. NJ isn't going anywhere this year with an aging G and no Lemaire to run the show. They should have traded him. VC was probably in the best position to get him with LA a reasonable 2nd. Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that Martin Brodeur has done SQUAT since Neids and Stevens left?
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