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Posted on: November 17, 2011 4:14 pm

Thanks for nothing, Bud Lite....

So, the (dis)Astros will be moving to the AL in 2013 as Bud Lite blackmailed outgoing owner Drayton McLane to the tune of $30 mil for him to sell the franchise. The price was cut by $65 million to $615, but MLB will only make up $35 mil of the difference.

Having grown up in Houston and HAVING FOLLOWED THE FRANCHISE SINCE THEY CAME INTO THE LEAGUE and HAVING GONE TO GAMES AT COLT STADIUM, I have to express my feelings to Bud.

**** you

Now the Astros and their fans have even more travel than what they had before with 3 of the rivals in the Pacific Time Zone. Nothing like staying up late trying to watch the worst team in BB before you go to work the next day.

Oh, the Astros, who have the worst farm system in MLB, thanks to Ed Wade, now have to come up with another hitter for the DH.

Arizona or Colorado made more sense. They haven't been in NL as long and they are closer to their division rivals. At least then the Astros could have gone to the NLW, which is where they were from 1969-1993.

Nope, this is a straight extortion play by Bud. Oh, Bud, why not the Brewers moving over, back into the AL where they originally were? Nothing like eliminating a lot of divisional rivalries going back over 50 years for the sake of a buck.

I no longer live in Houston; but this is not the club I grew up with. I may no longer support them.

Bud, I will rejoice when your Reign of Terror ends over MLB.

Makes me wish it was 1994 again.
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